University Research

The following projects were completed as part of my Master's degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Twente, Netherlands.


The Grunt programming languages embodied and expressed successive evolutions of the authors' comprehension of object language concepts. ‘Grunt’ is a play on Smalltalk, being more ‘primitive’ in nature than that inspirational archetypal object environment.


The Cube-Routed Topology quad single-bit processor was designed for the VLSI System Design course as the cornerstone of a hypothetical massively parallel ten-dimensional hypercube computer, modeled along the lines of Thinking Machine's Connection Machine. Old-time arcade gamers will recognize the play on the original ‘cube-routed’ Atari game, Q*bert.


This report documents several months' of extensive research in human factors implications of different user interface metaphors. The research was done as part of the work for the Gebruikersvriendelijkheid van Geautomatiseerde Systemen (User-friendliness of Automated Systems) courses, and includes the implementation of a visual programming language, and the subsequent empirical studies on a population with varying levels of computer experience.

Strangely, many of the conclusions arrived at in the research remain valid and unheeded.

TRENDY Input Processor

My contribution to TRIP, a collaborative project to construct a fully run-time configurable graphical front end to text-based UNIX tools— in casu, an integrated circuit fabrication process simulator.

Autonomous File Transfer Utility

This was a small project done at the University of Oulu, Finland, comprising a scriptable bulletin-board system for the distribution of measurement data.

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