I study some mathematics in my spare time. As a contribution to the public, I am making available my worked solutions to the exercises of the following texts:

Linear Algebra


Graph Theory

In my studies of A First Course in Graph Theory by Gary Chartrand and Ping Zhang, solved Mathematica solutions Acrobat (PDF; 1.7 MB) Mathematica CDF (CDF; 5.2 MB) to most exercises (through Chapter 9.1 only).

Abstract Algebra

A First Course in Abstract Algebra by John B. Fraleigh. Download the worked Acrobat solutions (Acrobat; 948 kB) (through most of Section 8.3) as a single file.

Differential Geometry

The Dover edition Differential Geometry by Erwin Kreyszig. Download the annotated worked Acrobat solutions (Acrobat; 184 kB) (through ¶45) as a single file.

I welcome any comments or corrections to the solutions.

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