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Learning to Fly

These are notes transcribed to the Web from my experiences on the way to my Private Pilot's license in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Some of them are applicable to student pilots in general.

For consistency, altitudes are given in hundreds of feet (hectofeet; hft) throughout (AGL or MSL).



Cessna 172S checklists


aircraft lighting systems

VFR Radio Procedures

VFR radio procedures VFR radio procedures


Sectional Chart Airspace VFR airspace requirements


‘Ground school’ doesn't provide even one quarter of the information you need to pass the practical test, let alone being an adequate pilot. Worse, ground school doesn't even provide an adequate sense of what you should know. The following can be considered a ‘minimum required reading list”. If I would have had the following list before beginning, flight school would have been a lot easier.

Marked items (“♦”)can be obtained in printed form.

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